Shed Moving

Shed Moving services available only within South Carolina.

We believe that our customers deserve amazing service not only from our sales staff, but also from our delivery team. Our delivery system is comprised of our one ton dually truck, our specialized hydraulic shed trailer, and our mule tractor. We also have an expert operator that makes the job look easy.

If you need your shed moved across your back yard, we would simply use the mule tractor to do the job. As long as the building is sitting on top of runners (or skids) our mule can do the job. If the building has joists only with no runners, then we would likely tear your building apart if we tried to move it. Sometimes runners can be built and attached, but that is a case by case scenario and would certainly increase the cost of the move.

If you need your shed transported to another address, then we would load the shed onto our trailer for the transport. Different sheds are made different ways. We can only transport a two runner system where the runners are spaced at least 46 inches but less than 74 inches.

Our trailer is specially made to safely move portable sheds and storage buildings.Please review the pictures below to better understand the trailer design and the runner systems that we can and cannot accommodate.

Shed Moving Requirements

  • Building height must be 11′ or less in order to be moved

  • Must have runners (skids) underneath – no wider than 96″ (outside to outside)



Shed Moving

Shed Moving

Shed Moving

If you believe that your shed can be accommodated by our equipment, please take the measurements of your building – length, width, height, as well as the measurement between the runners. You can email the pictures, along with the measurements, the pickup address and the delivery address. With all of that information, we can easily help you get your shed moved.

In the upstate email [email protected]

In the low country email [email protected]

The cost of our moving services is based on time. We charge by the hour. The time clock begins when we leave our sales center and ends when we return to our sales center. Our rate is $250 for the first hour and $100 each additional hour. If you bought your building from us, we would like to show you our appreciation by offering you a discounted rate. Contact us for more information.

The guys from Cool Sheds were fabulous! They used their tractor to move out shed to the other side or our property. Thanks guys!

Ms. Webb in Greenville, SC