Cool Sheds’ Approach to Custom Sheds

A few weeks ago a client stopped by to see us with a number of very detailed questions.  I walked him around the yard showing him all the things we can do.  He had a number of special requests.  We were able to accommodate some of these requests, but others were very detailed and I suggested that he could do the extreme custom finishing touches himself.  He agreed that what we could give him was almost everything on his wish list and the price was less than what he expected.

We made a house visit so that I would know exactly what challenges we may be faced with.  Upon arrival I saw the amount of detail and specific style they had put into their home.  In addition this home is in Mt. Pleasant, very near The Isle of Palms.  Here are a couple of pictures of the home we were challenged to match, and the shed we provided for our very happy customer!


We were able to match his roof and the color of the shed with a custom paint match.  The shed roof is steel with a 20 year warranty.  The siding on the shed is LP SmartSide which comes with a 50 year warranty.  We also gave him the remaining 2 gallons of left over paint to use in the future whenever he needs it.  The unit has the barn style 6’ outswing door on the end and on the side you see the two windows and the 9 Lite, residential style steel door.  The unit is also completely wired with electrical.


The great thing about this building and many of our designs, is that it can be used for anything!  Whether you need a basic shed, or something more… like a man-cave, a she-shed, or shed-quarters for your home based business; we are here to help.  Cool Sheds can deliver to you a great building that you can make all yours!  Contact us to discuss custom sheds and stay tuned for our next article, “The back yard bar”.



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