Cool Custom Picnic Shelter with 4:12 Pitch

We had a customer come to us with the desire to have a picnic shelter at his house. He had originally looked at constructing it from wood, like a traditional pole barn. Once he saw the price tag of the pole barn approach, he came to us for an alternate solution to meet his needs. So, we went to work!

We showed him that we could make a steeper roof pitch (4:12) to give the building the “look” that he wanted for the roof line. To further enhance the look, we upgraded to the vertical roof style. This not only looks better, but it is a stronger design and it is self cleaning! Gable end options on the front and back of the shelter finish off the roof design.

The final touches on this picnic shelter were to bring 3′ side panels down each side. This helps with shade on sunny days and it helps if the rain comes calling on the day you have an event. Notice at the bottom of those panels is a piece of white J trim. This not only improves the finished look of the panel, but also covers the sharp edge of the steel panel, making it much safer. The part I liked the best was the leg wraps. You can see the steel framing has a gray/silver color to it. By electing to wrap the legs in the white trim, the final product has a very clean and polished look to it. We cannot be happier with the sharp look of this unit and the price was substantially lower than the wood pole barn approach.

20′ wide x 40′ deep x 9′ tall legs – Upgrades include the roof pitch, 4′ on center legs, leg wraps, J trim on panels, and gables on both ends. Total cost of the build $5,295. Give us a call or stop by to inquire about getting the right shelter for your needs!

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