Cool Sheds Delivery Team is the BEST!

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When buying a shed, the quality of the shed is very important. A good purchase will have you enjoying your shed for many, many years. What you need to also think about is the delivery of your new shed.

1. Who is actually delivering your new shed to your home? Is it some guy who normally tows cars, or our two man team of trained shed delivery specialists?

2. What kind of equipment is being used to deliver you new shed? Do want a big, very heavy roll back truck trudging through your yard? Or, you could have our specialized and customized truck, trailer, and our mule tractor expertly delivering and positioning your new shed with minimal impact to your yard!

3. How skilled are they at their job and using their equipment? Our team has years of experience using our equipment and delivering and transporting sheds in all kinds of challenging situations!

Here is a look at at how the pros deliver sheds. This just shows you how good our trailer is, two buildings at once!. Don’t try this it at home! Let us do it at your home!