HOA Approved Sheds? No Problem!

We have learned over the past few years that many of our customers live in neighborhoods with restrictions and covenants governed by their HOA. Just in the greater Charleston area we have a working relationship with over 200 different neighborhoods. We have a letter for our customers to submit to their HOA to speed up the approval process as well.

HOA sheds are usually 8 x 10, 8 x 12, or 10 x 12. Some neighborhoods will allow bigger sizes as well. We build them with the same wood frame design as all of our sheds. They have fully engineered paperwork showing the build will withstand 160 mph winds. They are prewired for electricity, and they have our ¾ inch pressure treated plywood floors as a standard feature.

No matter what your HOA requires, we can accommodate. Let us help you get the right shed approved!

Pictured above is a shed with LP Smartside, our most popular siding for HOA sheds. We can match the paint and shingles to your home.

When HOA’s prefer horizontal lines over vertical lines we recommend LP Smart Lap. It is lap siding that goes on one at a time instead of the 4 x 8 sheet of the LP Smartside. It can also be custom painted and custom shingled to match your home.

In addition to the LP Smart Lap, we also offer Hardy Lap (pictured above). Hardy-Lap is more expensive than the LP Smart Lap and it does not have a warranty. We offer both products, but we prefer the LP Smart Lap because of its lower price and stronger warranty.

Above is a close up of the LP Smart Lap.

Above is a close up of Hardy Lap siding.

When we build a shed with either of the lap sidings, we add an extra layer of protection. The gray material is called Denny board sheathing. It acts as a moisture barrier. It also makes the inside look pretty cool.