HOA Approved Sheds? No Problem!

In many neighborhoods, the HOA dictates that the color of your shed must match the color of your house, including the roof. Thanks to our diverse range of product offerings, that’s not a problem!


For example, if your house has a black shingle roof we can build your shed with either a black shingle or black metal roof, assuming colored metal roofs are allowed by your HOA. These are less expensive than shingle roofs. If not, we can easily match the shingles to those on your house.


When it comes to the color of the shed itself, we offer our aluminum siding product in 18 different colors. This product closely resembles vinyl siding, especially when paired with a shingle roof. This is an affordable option for homeowners who need to match their shed to their vinyl-sided home.

The next level up is the LP Smartside – a wood fiberboard with a 50-year warranty. This trimwork on this product is larger and more elegant than our aluminum siding, and the shed can be custom painted in any Sherwin Williams color, to ensure an exact match to your house. However, some HOAs do not prefer this product due to its vertical lines.

If your HOA requires horizontal lines, we recommend our LP Smart Lap siding with moisture barrier. This is our top-of-the-line build, with a 50-year warranty and custom paint. You can select metal or shingle roofing.

Additional Features

Finally, you may also opt for the 3″ classic eave / overhang. Very few neighborhoods require this feature, but we are finding that many of our customers are asking for it. If you prefer a polished product that looks more like a little cottage than a shed, this inexpensive addition will take your installment to the next level.

HOA Submission Letter

Attached is the letter we offer to our customers for their HOA submissions. The process is very simple: Go to your neighborhood website, and download the application. Complete the application and use our letter as an attachment. It will help you get through the approval process quickly and easily. If you or your board members have any questions, we are just a phone call or an email away!

Our Most Popular HOA Model Shed