How can I get a shed in my backyard?

In our experience we have faced many different situations at lots of homes in many back yards. When a person decides that they need a shed in their back yard they either get on the internet to begin some research, or they get in their car and head to a big home improvement store. Most folks realize quickly that there are many options in sheds, and only three options to put a shed in your back yard.

First you can buy a simple, small, plastic shed and put it together yourself. This option is works if you don’t need much space, you don’t mind the wind blowing it over, and you don’t mind something cheap in your yard.

The second option is what is offered at the big stores. You spend a significant amount of money, a few days later a delivery truck brings you a box filled with parts and set of instructions. Now you get to put it together and it has no warranty. Some stores offer assembly, at an additional cost. Now you have a warranty, but not much of one. These units typically do not come with a floor, unless you paid extra to have one built. Often, the materials that come in these kits are very low quality. The framing is usually untreated 2×4’s, and the plywood is thin particle board. These materials are not made to last. So basically you spent a chunk of money for a shed that will only last for 3-5 years.

The final option is to buy, finance, or rent-to-own a high quality shed from a licensed shed dealer. These high quality sheds are completely engineered and constructed in a factory, ensuring a consistent, high quality product. The guys in the factory are skilled experts at building sheds. You don’t have to worry about weather or rain damaging your materials during the construction process. You also don’t have to worry about the skill level of the person building your shed. The other great thing about buying a shed of this quality is the amazing warranty offered by the manufacturer. A great comprehensive warranty gives a buyer peace of mind that they have made a good and wise purchase that will last for years and years.

The last step is the delivery of your new engineered shed. Delivery is the most important part of a shed purchase. Since the shed is already built, it has to be delivered by a truck and trailer. It is important as a buyer to know what kind of equipment and personnel will be delivering and setting up your new shed. Some shed companies use a roll-back truck to deliver. With this method, you will need plenty of space to back the truck into your back yard and the truck will have to get right to the spot where you want the shed placed. If you have a huge backyard with no trees, then this approach will work fine. We have found that Most people have trees, pools, swing sets, and other obstacles in their backyards. Some dealers, like Cool Sheds, have a specialized small tractor, called a mule, which can move the shed around trees and other obstacles to place the new shed exactly where you want it.

In summary, like many things in life, higher quality comes at a cost. Lower cost plastic and home improvement store options may be suitable for some. These are typically short-term solutions with a life span of 3-5 years. High-quality sheds last for years, are more attractive, but cost more. New rent-to-own options make investment in a long-lasting high quality shed a reality for many.

We hope this article has simplified the shed buying process by outlining the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

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