Mobile Storage Sheds

Our mobile shed is designed to be a temporary storage unit for use in residential areas throughout the Greater Charleston area. Our mobile shed is a perfect size to maximize storage yet fit easily in any driveway. The size if the mobile storage shed is 8’ wide x 16’ long x 8’ tall. This will provide you with over 120 square feet or 1000 cubic feet of storage space!

Currently, we are offering two unique approaches for our mobile storage shed; “The empty unit” and “The contractor unit”.

“The empty unit” works like this. We will drop off an empty unit wherever you request it for a drop off fee of $50. You keep it to use as long as you like for a simple monthly rental fee of $150. When you are done using the mobile storage unit, we come pick up the empty unit for a pick-up fee of $50. Here are some examples; a one-month rental will cost a total of $250, a three-month rental total cost is $550, and a six-month rental total cost is $1000.

“The contractor unit” works like this. Anyone can use this deal, we just call it the contractor due to the usefulness of the design. The contractor will lease this unit for a minimum of one year. The interior can be customized to fit the exact needs of the user. That could mean shelves, lockers, work benches, office desk, tool boxes, hooks, etc. The idea behind this unit is for the contractor to have a mobile work station, with all the proper tools, and supplies specific to each individual need or as the job requires. The monthly rental fee will be $150 each month (lower monthly rates available with 2 and 3-year contracts).

When your job is complete and you need to move your mobile shed, you just secure your stuff inside the shed and we will move it to the new location. The fee to relocate will be based on distance. $120 – $200 would cover most of the greater Charleston area. Currently we can only move these units Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on most weeks (holiday weeks will certainly limit our schedule).

For more information stop by one of our Summerville and Greer S.C. locations or drop me an email at…