Cool Sheds Delivery Policy

The prices posted in our sheds do include delivery and set-up. There are some important things to understand about what is included and what types of things we charge extra.

  • DISTANCE – Any delivery greater than 20 miles from our sales center will be charged extra for the delivery of the shed.
  • OBSTACLES – All obstacles must be removed from the path we will use to deliver the shed. There can be no fences, swing sets, baby pools, trees, bushes, or shrubs blocking us from delivering the shed.
  • NO ANIMAL FECES – When we set the shed, we have to get down on the ground to block the building properly. There can be no animal feces in the area where we are going to set the shed. The area has to be properly cleaned up or we will not put the shed in that location.
  • ONE HOUR SET UP TIME – When we arrive at your house, we plan on one hour to set up your new shed. If your property, driveway, tree limbs, obstacles and/or the desired location of the shed is excessively challenging, we will work hard to give you what you want. Understand that there is a $100 per hour fee for any length of time greater than one hour spent working to set the shed up properly.
  • FENCE FEES – Fence fees will vary based on the fences. We prefer that you take down your fence prior to our arrival and then replace it once we have completed the install. If you need for us to take your fence down, we charge for taking it down and putting it back. We will do our best to put it back the same way we found it, but fences can be very tricky and we cannot be held responsible if it is not exactly like it was when we arrived. Fence fees range from $100 – $250.
  • BLOCK FEES – When we set your building, we include a minimum amount of block. We use just the amount it takes to level the building up to eight inches. If the location you want the building has a slope, we will have to use a substantial amount of block and time to make sure the building is secure, stable, and level. We will charge for the excess block and time.
  • RAMPS & ANCHORS – Ramps and high wind anchors are an option. The price of the ramps and high wind anchors do include the time it takes to install them. There are no extra time charges. We do require that the ground be painted by the utility company before we install any high wind anchors.

Cool Sheds Deposit Policy

Any deposits made to hold a building, will be honored for 7 days only. All transactions must be completed within 7 days or the transaction is voided and there will be no refund on the deposit.

If you special order a building, the unit must be paid in full within 7 days of the unit arriving at our sales center. If not paid in full, there will be no refund on the deposit.

Once a transaction has been completed and the building is paid in full, we can keep the unit at our lot until you are ready for delivery.