Shed Moving

Need your shed moved? Cool Sheds provides shed moving services throughout the state of South Carolina from our Greer and Summerville locations. Click the button below and complete the short questionnaire. We’ll get back to you with a quote to move your shed.

Shed Delivery

Delivery is an often overlooked but extremely critical aspect to consider when choosing a shed dealer. When you are looking to purchase a shed, it is critical to know who is going to deliver the shed, what equipment they use, and how skilled are they with the equipment. It’s understandable that delivery is not often considered because buying a shed is not something you do often, so folks usually don’t know to ask these important questions. We have heard some pretty bad stories of botched delivery jobs, damage to homes, and lots of landscaping being destroyed. We know the MOST important part of our job is delivering your new shed to your home or business, and this is truly where we shine!

Specialized Delivery Equipment

We have outfitted all of our delivery teams with the best equipment ever made. Our trucks are customized with winches and specialized lifts to carry our Mule tractors. The Mule tractors are very specialized shed moving machines. Anyone attempting to deliver and set up a shed without a mule tractor most likely has no experience delivering sheds.

Along with our cool mule tractors, our trailers are completely customized to be able to load many sizes of buildings and even move them sideways while sitting on the trailer. Many of our customers find it fun to watch us use our equipment. It is a sight to see. We have delivered thousands of sheds and we know that it takes all of this equipment to get the job done right.

Professional & Experienced Crew

Equally as important to our awesome equipment is our delivery drivers. Our experience and knowledge come from years and years deliveries. Our team is professional, courteous, and determined to get your shed set up correctly and safely. We see many shed retailers choose to hire third-party delivery teams. Some of these are tow truck drivers that are not going to properly block and level your building which will void any warranty on the building. Other retailers will hire out of town guys to deliver the shed. If there is a problem or damage done during a delivery, how can out of town guys fix the problem? They usually don’t fix the problem! They just pack up and head back out of town.

We have seen all of this over the years, and our approach is simple. When you buy from us, you will get the full service of our entire team. Our sales staff, our managers, the delivery team, and me (the owner) will work to make sure you are taken care of. When you purchase a great shed from us, you can have peace of mind that we will see it through to a proper and successful delivery.

Shed Moving Requirements


  • Building height must be 11′ or less in order to be moved
  • Must have runners (skids) underneath – no wider than 99″ (outside to outside).
  • The shed must be empty
  • Shed moving is for local moves, when our delivery schedule allows us the extra time

Cool Sheds - moving sheds near Summerville and Greer S.C.

Cool Sheds - moving sheds near Summerville and Greer S.C.

Cool Sheds - moving sheds near Summerville and Greer S.C.

Cool Sheds - moving sheds near Summerville and Greer S.C.

Cool Sheds - moving porch style sheds near Summerville and Greer S.C.

If you believe that your shed can be accommodated by our equipment, please take the measurements of your building – length, width, height, as well as the measurement between the runners. You can email the pictures, along with the measurements, the pickup address, and the delivery address. With all of that information, we can easily help you get your shed moved.

Please contact us for more information or click to request a shed move online.

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