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  • Our metal sided sheds are a Dutch Lap Style - 29 Gauge, R Lap, Steel siding. This type of metal siding is incredibly strong, making it very durable for many years. We offer this siding in an array of color options and even more trim color options.

    You may also see sidings listed as Aluminium, especially in our used sheds. We used aluminum siding for many years, and had many great color options in this siding as well. We can still special order the aluminum siding, but that costs extra and it takes more time to get the material.

  • The barn style has an interior height of nearly ten feet. If allows for plenty of extra storage space overhead and works very well if you have limited space for a shed. From the top of the wall to the peak of the roof, there are three extra feet of space compared to our standard wall design.
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Shed Details

Shed Type

Gambrel Lofted Barn





Base Color


Trim Color



Wood Framing


Upgraded Colored Steel Roof


Upstate, SC