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  • Our screen room sheds are more exposed to the weather elements than our storage sheds. For that reason, we construct all of these with galvanized steel framing, and one of our metal sidings.
  • Our metal sided sheds are a Dutch Lap Style - 29 Gauge, R Lap, Steel siding. This type of metal siding is incredibly strong, making it very durable for many years. We offer this siding in an array of color options and even more trim color options.

    You may also see sidings listed as Aluminium, especially in our used sheds. We used aluminum siding for many years, and had many great color options in this siding as well. We can still special order the aluminum siding, but that costs extra and it takes more time to get the material.

  • The porch on this shed will last the lifetime of the building and adds both a decorative touch and functional outdoor area.
  • Our used sheds come in all shapes and sizes. It is a popular choice due to the lower prices, offering a great combination of value and Cool Sheds quality.
  • The galvanized steel framing option is a very smart upgrade. It will never rust, it will never corrode, it will never get mold, and it cannot be attacked by termites. The steel is a G-90 galvanization, which is an extremely high grade in the galvanization process.
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Summerville, SC

Shed Type

Screen Porch Room, Speciality Shed





Side Wall Height


Base Color


Trim Color



Galvanized Steel Framing


Standard Galvalume Steel Roof – Silver

Roof Overhang

3 Inch overhanging Eave


Dutch Lap – Steel R-Lap Siding




Out-Swing Door

Model Year


Door Quantity


Shed Features

  • Cool Sheds offers a number of metal sided shed design options. These durable, timeless sheds can be fully customized to match your specifications. You can also upgrade metal sheds with steel framing for added strength and durability.
  • Cool Sheds offers used sheds for sale at each of our locations. Used sheds are a popular choice due to their affordable price point. Our used shed inventory is constantly changing as we receive new sheds in stock.
  • Porches add unique style and appeal to any shed. Cool Sheds offers the best-looking porch model sheds on the market, with the option to select a 4’ deep or 6’ deep porch depending on your needs. Our porch sheds are built to stand the test of time.
  • Screen porch buildings are a convenient and versatile solution for enhancing and extending your outdoor space. All of our screen room sheds are constructed with galvanized steel framing, and one of our metal siding options.
  • Sheds with galvanized steel framing are among the strongest and most durable sheds on the market. This material will never rust or corrode, and cannot be damaged by termites or mold. The steel is a high-grade G-90 galvanization.