Super Cool Sheds

We have found that sheds can be used for all types of purposes. Each individual has a specific need or want for their storage needs. Our many shed options easily fulfill anyone’s storage needs. What if your need is not storage, but space? People are coming to us more and more needing more space for themselves or their family. We hear you, and we have come up with some great solutions for your space needs near your home or jobsite in Summerville and Greer S.C.

We are pleased to introduce ‘Super Cool’ Sheds. We take your cool shed idea and make it a reality. The other cool thing is that your super cool sheds can evolve to serve whatever purpose you need over many years. Below you will find examples of unique applications we have created from our different sheds.

You may ask why a shed to fulfill these needs? We have a few good answers to this question.

  1. Speed – We can design and order you any of our sheds and have it delivered to you in two to three weeks.
  2. Zoning and Permitting – We have different products and designs which are fully engineered products that are easily approved by almost every county, city, and HOA requirements.
  3. Simple installation – Since our buildings are pre-built, we can deliver and set them up in about an hour. Once onsite, the building can easily be wired for electricity, insulated, and have interior walls and flooring installed.
  4. Affordable – All of our products can be financed to cover the cost of the entire project. Another option is no credit check Rent to Own which can cover the cost of the building.

Man Caves

Sometimes a man needs a little cave of his own to unwind or entertain friends.

Cool Sheds make for great Man Caves near Summerville and Greer S.C

She Sheds

Also known as the Diva Den. Sometimes a woman needs a place of her own to escape.

Cools Sheds make for great She Sheds near Summerville and Greer S.C


Our play houses come with many types of options. Our playhouses can easily be used a shed when your child out grows the need for a playhouse.

Cool Sheds make great Playhouses near Summerville and Greer S.C

Shed Quarters

Otherwise known as the mobile office. We have made many of these in very different configurations and sizes. These can be used professionally or used at your home as a home office.

Cool Sheds make great Shed Quarters, temporary offices near Summerville and Greer S.C

Back Yard Bar

The party in a box. You can have a back yard bar that opens up and turns your back yard into a fun social gathering!

Cool Sheds make for great Backyard Bars near Summerville and Greer S.C