Super Cool Playhouses

Playhouses can mean a lot of different things to different people. Our approach to playhouses is multi-use. We have seen many different products, but too many are one dimensional. If you buy a whimsical looking playhouse with a 4’ tall doorway, then that product is only useful to those under 4’ tall. So, once your child outgrows it, the playhouse is either garbage or you can try to sell it. We have found that moving these units after they are a few years old can be very difficult if not impossible. When it is possible it is certainly not cheap to have it relocated.

Our playhouses are small versions of our porch model sheds. We have two examples here for you. They are both 8’ wide x 12’ deep. The porch is 4’ deep, so the interior space is 8’ x 8’. This size will fit easily in about any backyard. It also allows for 64 square feet of space inside the unit. That is plenty of space for a playhouse. It also can become a good storage shed down the road when you child outgrows the playhouse. In addition, our doors are 6’ tall, so you will never outgrow the ease of getting in and out of your playhouse/shed. Looking for that one-of-a-kind birthday or holiday gift near Summerville and Greer S.C., Cool Sheds might be exactly what you’re looking for!