Tiny Homes: A Solution To Debt Free Living!

In the past couple weeks we have had more and more people asking us about tiny homes. I find this concept very interesting, and we want to help people achieve their tiny home goals. Some people have a goal of living debt free, others just want the best bang for the buck. The tiny home achieves both of those goals, and we are in a position to help.

Here are some things to think about concerning costs and budgeting:

First is the building itself. We suggest our largest portable unit.

It is a 12 x 36 Barn Style unit. This design allows you to create unique loft space which will maximize your 432 square feet of living space. The next step is the most important. The design and layout of the interior. You will need to have this figured out so that the building can be properly wired. You want to make sure outlets are placed properly to accommodate appliances, lighting, and furniture.

You do not want to have extension cords all over the place. From a budget standpoint, estimate twelve thousand dollars to get you the building, delivered, blocked, and set up. That also includes the building completely wired ready to be hooked up to an electrical source. That electrical source may be solar, a generator, or a traditional meter from the electric company.

From this point it is completely up to you how you proceed. The construction of the interior space will be a serious DIY job. I would strongly suggest a licensed contractor to help map out the design and trouble shoot any potential construction issues. I would also think the contractor would be good to handle the big jobs and the rest can be a DIY project. That decision is completely up to the individual and it should be based on skill level, time commitment, and budget.

The final part that we can help with is financing. We can offer a finance plan with terms of 9.9% for 84 months. We can get approval for up to $55,000. So, if you keep your build conservative, you can figure $12,000 for the building and another $13,000 to finish it out.

That totals $25,000. That amount translates to less than $450 per month for seven years. Imagine that eight years from now you can own your own tiny home free and clear with no monthly payments!

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