Unbeatable Factory Warranties

Flooring system

25 Year Warranty on Flooring System near Summerville and Greer S.C
All of our flooring systems are made from the same materials. We start with pressure treated, solid, 4” x 6” runners. Then we use pressure treated 2” x 6” floor joists. The joists are notched and then assembled. This creates a very strong and rigid system. On top of the joists we use 5/8” LP – Pro-Struck flooring. This is a premium decking that has been completely treated against mold, fungus, and termites. It is then laminated. These components come together to create the ultimate flooring system. Our manufacturer warranties the flooring system for 25 years! That is the entire flooring system, not just the decking!

Steel Roofs & Steel Siding

20 Year Warranty on Steel Roof & Walls near Summerville and Greer S.C

Galvalume Roofs – Limited 20 Year Warranty against rupture, structural failure, and perforation.

Painted Siding and Roofs – Limited 10 year warranty against paint chipping and fading and a limited 25 Year Warranty against rupture, structural failure, and perforation.

LP Smartside

50 Year Warranty on LP SmartSide on your Cool Shed near Summerville and Greer S.C

Painted – The LP – SmartSide is a wood fiberboard product that comes with a 50 year warranty. The first five years is 100% complete replacement. The next forty years of the warranty is prorated based on the amount of years since the product was installed.

Shingled Roofs

The shingles we use come with a 25 warranty.

Manufacturer Construction Warranty

Our manufacturer also gives a five year warranty on the actual construction of each building.

Factory Warranty for Portable Sheds

Click here to download a copy of our factory warranty.